Mining & Hazardous Area Lighting

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Superlight offers professional fiber-optic lighting systems suitable for commercial and residential lighting projects of all sizes.

Superlight Fiber optic lighting systems consist of a high power LED light engine coupled with high quality optical fiber in a variety of configurations. Optical fiber is available in either ‘end-glow’ or ‘side glow’ formats depending on the specific lighting application. Fiber optic lighting offers a variety of benefits over traditional light sources due to its flexibility, safety and maintenance-free performance.

Key Advantages of Superlight LED Fiber Optic Lighting

– Zero system maintenance
– Remotely located single point LED light engine
– Powerful LED configurations in either static colour or RGB
– Side-Glow or End-Glow Fiber Configurations for different lighting applications
– 316 Marine Grade Fiber Fittings
– Full range of mounting hardware, accessories and installation tools

There are a multitude of optical fiber fittings and fiber lighting attachments available and Superlight can also customise an entire system to suit the needs of the lighting project.

Contact your nearest Superlight sales office for more information on LED fiber optic lighting for your project.

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