LED Logical EM1175 is a highly versatile device engineered to integrate AS2293 battery backup emergency lighting functionality into existing LED luminaires and fittings. It supports various constant current outputs and comes equipped with a LiFePO4 lithium battery pack, ensuring reliable emergency lighting. Ideal for enhancing safety and compliance, the EM1175 is perfect for retrofitting and upgrading lighting systems across multiple environments.


Convert regular LED luminaires to emergency configuration
Incorporates LiFePO4-battery, flexible, safe, stable and long lasting.
Suitable for luminaries with external driver 10-60VDC output.
Self-testing and self-diagnostic function optional
Smart IC control between charging and discharging mode
Constant current for 2/4/6W max output power


Operating Voltage200-240VAC
Rates Input Current<0.035A


Rated Output Power2W / 4W / 6W
Output Voltage10-60VAC
Output Current35mA-120mA Selectable


Battery ConfigurationLiFePO4
Battery Voltage6.4V
Battery Capacity Options600mA / 1500mA / 4500mA
Typical Discharge Duration3 Hours


Driver Controller Dimensions95mm Diameter
Battery Dimensions (2W)144mm x 28mm Dia
Battery Dimensions (4/6W)146.5mm x 46.8mm Dia
Ambient TemperatureTa: -0C ~ +45C
Storage Temperature Range:-0C – +45C
IP RatingIP20


Model List


ModelInput VoltageInputPowerOutput LED Voltage & CurrentBattery
EM1175 (6W)220-240V-50/60Hz35mA Max6W Max1H10-50V 120mA10-50V 100mA10-50V 80mALiFePO4 6.4V1500mAh
EM1175 (6W)220-240V-50/60Hz35mA Max6W Max3H10-50V 120mA10-50V 100mA10-50V 80mALiFePO4 6.4V4500mAh
EM1175 (4W)220-240V-50/60Hz35mA Max4W Max3H10-60V 70mA10-60V 60mA10-60V 50mALiFePO4 6.4V3200mAh
EM1175 (4W)220-240V-50/60Hz35mA Max4W Max3H10-60V 70mA 110-60V 60mA10-60V 50mALiFePO4 6.4V3200mAh
EM1175 (2W)220-240V-50/60Hz35mA Max2W Max1H10-30V 35mA20-40V 50mA40-60V 35mALiFePO4 6.4V600mAh
EM1175 (2W)220-240V-50/60Hz35mA Max2W Max3H10-30V 70mA20-40V 50mA40-60V 35mALiFePO4 6.4V1500mAh


Product Information

SpecificationEM1175 (2W)EM1175 (4W)EM1175 (6W)
Input Voltage220-240Vac220-240Va220-240Vac
Rated input current≤0.035c ≤0.035≤0.035
Output Wattage2W Max4W Max6W Max
Full load output Voltage10-60Vdc10-60Vdc10-60Vdc
Maximum TC Point70°C70°C70°C
Ambient Temperature Range0°C-45°C0°C-45°C0°C-45°C
LiFePO4 6.4V 600mAh(1H)LiFePO4 6.4V 1500mAh(1H)LiFePO4 6.4V 1500mAh(1H)
EM1175 (2W)LiFePO4 6.4V 1500mAh(3H)LiFePO4 6.4V 3200mAh(3H)LiFePO4 6.4V 4500mAh(3H)
Battery Duration1/3 hours1/3 hours1/3 hours
IP RatingIP20IP20IP20


Instructions for automatic test option

1. Once the unit is powered up it will automatically initiate a self test and diagnostics as

  • At every times: Check for battery disconnection, charge board fault, lamp fault and transfer fault.
  • Every month: Performs 3 minutes functional test.
  • Every year: Performs 1/3 hours duration test

All test functions are factory preset and do not need field adjustment.

2. Dual Colour Indicator LED Status

  • Green   Solid On      Ready/Normal Operation
  • Red       Requires Services


1One flashes, 4 second pauseBattery not connected
11Two flashes, 4 second pauseLow battery voltage
111Three flashes, 4 second pauseCharge board fault
1111Four flashes, 4 second pauseAC/DC transfer fault
11111Five flashes, 4 second pauseLED lamp fault


NOTE: After repairing a service fault,press and hold the test button for 2 seconds to test the flashing indicator light to green.

3.Button Test

Press test button once30 seconds duration test
Press test button twice with 2 seconds3 minutes duration test
Press test button 3 times within 2 seconds30 minutes duration test
Press test button 4 times within 2 seconds1/3 hours duration test

Instructions for manual test option

1.Indicator Status 

  • Green On Normal Status.
  • Green Off Emergency Status/circuit fault/battery disconnected.

2. Button Test

  • Hold the test button for functional test.
  • Release the test button for stopping functional test.