LED logical LX3522 is an invaluable DALI device designed to control phase-dimmable LED loads through a DALI signal, bridging the gap between conventional dimmable products and DALI systems. Its utility lies in its ability to seamlessly convert regular dimmable lighting into DALI-compatible units, enhancing flexibility and control within lighting installations. The device’s small and compact form factor ensures it can be easily integrated into existing setups without occupying significant space, making it an ideal solution for modern lighting needs.


An amazingly useful DALI to Phase-Dim Converter interface
Convert any type of regular phase dimmable lighting to DALI
Also features single wire push switch input for Push Dim Function


Input Voltage100-240VAC
Output Voltage100-240VAC
Max Connected Load200W / 400W @ 240VAC
Dimming ProtocolConverts DALI to Phase Dimming
DALI Line Power Consumption2mA Max


Working Temperature-0C – +40C
Rec. Relative humidity8% to 80%
IP RatingIP20


Product Data

Input VoltageOutput VoltageOutput CurrentSize(LxWxH)
100-240VAC100-240VAC1.8A max45.5x45x20.3mm


Compatible Load Types
Load SymbolLoad TypeMaximum LoadRemarks
Dimmable LED lamps200W @ 220V
100W @ 110V
Due to variety of LED lamp
designs, maximum number
of LED lamps is further
dependent on power factor
result when connected to
Dimmable LED drivers200W @ 220V
100W @ 110V
Maximum permitted number
of drivers is 200W divided
by driver nameplate power
Incandescent lighting,
HV Halogen lamps
400W @ 220V
200W @ 110V
Low voltage halogen
lighting with electronic
200W @ 220V
100W @ 110V


  • In compliance with IEC 62386-101:2014, IEC 62386-102:2014, IEC 62386-207 Ed2.
  • Built-in DALI-2 interface, DALI DT6 device
  • AC phase cut dimmer with both DALI and push switch control interface
  • 100-240VAC Wide Input and Output Voltage,
  • 1 DALI address to control 1 Channel Output, Up to 400W
  • Input and Output with Screw Terminals, Safe and Reliable
  • Trailing edge dimming, supports resistive loads and capacitive loads
This phase dimmer adopts trailing edge dimming (reverse phase control), please make sure the connected loads support reverse phase control. Please refer to the user manual of the load or consult the supplier of the load.


Setting DALI Address:
1 DALI addresses for 1 channel output is assigned by DALI Master controller automatically, please refer to user
manuals of compatible DALI Masters for specific operations.

Setting minimum brightness:
Adjust brightness to a level, then press and hold down “Min. Set ” key on the dimmer until the light flashes, once set a minimum brightness, the light can only be dimmable between this minimum brightness and maximum brightness.

The dimming range of this dimmer is 1%-100%, but some load types may flicker when dimmed to 1%, thus a minimum brightness shall be set higher than 1% to avoid flickering during dimming process.

Delete the minimum brightness:
Adjust the brightness to maximum level, then click “Min. Set” key on the dimmer to delete the minimum brightness,
the light will flash to indicate successful reset.

While connected with PUSH switch, click the button to switch ON/OFF lights. Press and hold down the button toincrease/decrease light intensity.