Suspended Linear Lighting

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Superlight is the leading supplier of DALI compliant LED lighting products, DALI LED Drivers and LED DALI control systems.

DALI is short for Digital-Addressable-Lighting-Interface and is a two-way communication protocol that enables compliant lighting devices to connect and integrate with each other. DALI is a digital protocol and has become a popular standard for use in architectural projects across the world.

Superlight manufactures and supplies DALI enabled LED drivers and DALI LED controllers to suit any Superlight product. DALI LED drivers are known as DALI Ballasts within the DALI standard. Superlight DALI LED devices are carefully matched to our LED light sources to ensure the correct LED drive current and to maximise the LED lighting performance. DALI products are connected via a simple DALI BUS control cable which can simplify LED lighting installations. Computer controlled DALI interfaces can connect to a DALI network and program scenes and control settings either centrally or via other input devices connected to the DALI BUS.

Any individuaL DALI enabled LED lighting product can be controlled by sending DALI commands across the BUS which results in efficient control and dimming functionality.

Each device on a DALI network can be individually addressed, unlike other protocols such as DSI and analogue 0–10V devices. For this reason, DALI networks typically require fewer cables conductors than DSI or 0–10V systems. DALI LED lighting levels are specified by an 8-bit value, whereby 0 equals off; 1 equals 0.1% of full intensity, a value of 254 equals full intensity.

Contact your nearest Superlight office for assistance with DALI enabled LED lighting solution for your project. Our technical team can offer advice and lighting designs to ensure you achieve the maximum results with the lighting project.

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