Decorative Lighting

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Superlight offers hundreds of quality LED lighting products and also provides custom-made LED lighting solutions for clients in multiple market sectors. We offer fully engineered lighting solutions for decorative lighting applications including integration of LED lighting controllers and LED lighting power supplies.

• Tree Illumination & landscape LED lighting
• Point of sale LED lighting displays
• Interactive LED lighting installations
• Public space lighting, artworks and sculptures
• RGB LED, RGB+W LED, Colour changing LED light sources
• Customised LED lighting creations and lighting concepts

If your aim is to revamp an entire landscape or perhaps introduce brilliant new lighting to enhance a commercial space. Superlight offers professional decorative LED lighting to transform the lighting project. For LED lighting illumination for any event or occasion, Superlight will deliver the best LED lighting outcome.

Decorative lighting is a powerfully versatile and creative design element. Superlight are the connoisseurs of LED decorative lighting that draws attention and adds lighting beauty to enhance a space – by delivering LED lighting solutions that set the mood and create an atmosphere. Decorative or accent lighting is often used to highlight certain architectural features and design elements. Superlight professional decorative lighting products work in every conceivable space, style and budget for commercial lighting and residential clients, architectural and electrical wholesalers.

Superlight experts can guide you through the LED decorative light maze, that’s why we lead the field in lighting innovation and creative LED lighting, especially LED decorative lighting aesthetics. Superlight LED decorative lighting products are available in different styles from cutting-edge modern, industrial or contemporary, making us the go-to choice for professional LED decorative lighting solutions. Just browse through our Superlight product range, call our Sales Hotline 1300 558 217 or drop by our Superlight showroom.

What is RGB and RGBW Lighting?

RGB represents RED/GREEN/BLUE and relates to colour mixing of LED light sources to produce any desired colour or lighting effect. . Superlight RGB LED lighting products can be controlled by a RGB controllers to select any fixed LED lighting colour or animated LED colour function. RGB+W LED lighting feature an additional WHITE LED channel, Superlight RGB+W LED lighting products give even more flexibility to their function by controlling the additional WHITE LED channel for even more LED lighting output combinations.

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