Custom-Made Lighting

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Superlight manufactures custom made LED lighting solutions for special lighting projects or whenever a unique lighting product or LED solution is called for. Our in-house lighting production department can tackle a wide range of lighting challenges and we enjoy delivering LED lighting concepts and solutions that are personalised or have not been previously been implemented.

Our fabrication department can customise and manufacture linear LED lighting profiles, LED lighting strips, modular LED lighting products, and continuous LED beam systems all custom made to any lighting specification. We also work with a variety of materials to deliver full lighting solutions to clients.

• Plastics, polycarbonate and acrylic/perspex
• Alloys such as aluminium
• Mild Steel
• Stainless Steel

Superlight LED lighting products can be colour refinished to specification. We offer professional refinishing services for all LED lighting products. This allows specifies and end users to customise our LED lighting products to meet the design needs or theme of the lighting project. In addition to lighting products and LED light sources, Superlight also manufacture custom lighting control systems, LED dimmers, and controller interfaces for special applications such as colour sequencing or programming for events, and lighting automation.

• Speak with a Superlight lighting representative about your custom lighting requirements
• We can provide tailored LED lighting solutions for small or large quantities
• Superlight delivers in house customisation services reducing lighting lead times and cost
• Tell us about any lighting challenges you may have – we can almost always help.

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