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Superlight produces quality underwater LED lighting products suitable for residential and commercial lighting projects, swimming pool lighting, water feature lighting, including large scale fountains, water features and other underwater task lighting applications.

Submersible underwater installations are very demanding it is important that good quality fittings are used. Superlight underwater fittings are materials such as sold 316 marine grade stainless steel and are available in single colour or RGB (colour changing models).

RGB is a great lighting option for underwater lighting installations, Superlight RGB LED underwater light fittings are fully colour-controllable using any Superlight RGB controller, and can also be controlled by other lighting systems such as DMX,or third party home automation etc.

• Underwater LED light fittings are hermetically sealed and they depend on being installed underwater for their thermal management. For installations above water, use regular exterior & landscape LED luminaires.

• For recessed pool lights in concrete pools, Superlight LED luminaires are supplied with PVC concrete cans which are pre-installed during the concrete pour process. This allows for the LED fitting to be installed easier during the lighting installation process.

• Superlight has a modern series of slimline surface mounted LED fittings, which are ideal for pools and water feature lighting and do not require any pre-mount can or recess installation. They allow the lighting installation to be completed faster and are more convenient for future maintenance.

• Superlight can supply underwater LED fittings with long pre-terminated cables. This removes the need for the lighting installer to create underwater submersible joins which should always be avoided.

• Superlight manufactures a submersible linear lighting resin-encapsulated rigid LED profile in lengths up to 3mtrs. This is specifically suited for lighting of the underside of pool copings and other linear underwater lighting applications • Fibre-optic lighting systems are perfect for use in underwater and swimming pool environments. Superlight Fibre-optic systems consist of high quality LED light engine and quality UV stablised fibre cable. We can tailor a Fibre optic system specifically for your project.

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