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LED Lighting Backlighting of Opaque Panels – such as Corian®, Marblo® or Perspex Acrylic®, Translucent Stone.

Superlight has a wide range of specialised LED lighting solutions for backlighting of modern architectural materials for creating smooth and uniform lighting results. Our experienced team can offer valuable LED lighting advice for specialised backlighting projects, this enables you to specify the correct LED lighting product solution at the right price.

All materials have different density and light transmission properties. These variances can affect the performance of the backlighting, so it’s important we employ the correct LED lighting technique for the project. For specific projects Superlight can run test simulations with sample LED light sources, or we can model the results in 3D using lighting design software.

In general, for backlighting projects we employ one of two LED lighting lighting techniques;

Direct illumination – involves LED light source such as Superlight LED Panel Tiles® or LED Superstrips® mounted directly behind the lit surface to ‘directly’ illuminate the material from behind. Achieving the correct space between the LED light source and the illuminated material is very important.

Edge-lit Illumination – utilises a linear LED light source such as Superlight LED Powerbar® installed continuously along one or more parameters to indirectly illuminate the material. This technique requires the inside of the structure to be finished correctly to ensure there is a fully enclosed light system .

With any of these LED lighting techniques, getting the detail correct is vital to achieve the best results. Contact Superlight for more information and assistance on designing the correct backlighting LED lighting solution.

Valuable Tips:

• Use RGB or RGB+W LED lighting options to maximise versatility of the installation
• Locate LED drivers and or LED lighting controllers in an accessible remote location
• Use transparent fixings where possible to minimise internal shadowing
• Use Superlight’s extensive expertise to help you design the best LED lighting solution

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